A first post about writing first posts

July 5, 2024

There's a single reason behind this post: if I don't write it, I have to write an if in my code that checks if there are no published posts.

We're not savages. A blank screen won't do. You need a reasonable no posts were found, right?

This couldn't be.


But then, that would execute on every re-render. Or re-deploy, this is essentially a SSG. But still, wasteful, isn't it? That check. Failing, every single time, forever, as long as there's a single post to be listed.

I could have removed the loop instead. Why not? There's no CMS here, I'm just editing a .md file in some chip in front of me. So, whenever I write something, I'd add the loop, and that's it.

But then it wouldn't be finished would it? How could I ever in good conscience click the checkbox in my to-do list?


So here's the solution. An actual post.

A waste of time? Probably.

A master SEO move? Unlikely.

But sometimes things just are. And this post just is. And by being, it accomplished its goal.

Therefore, that's it.

Hello world.