What I'm working on now

Last updated: 2024/02/26

For this 2024 that just started as I'm writing this I have a few goals in mind:

Keep offering consulting and freelancing services. Keep my clients happy and grow my reputation.

Do it through a new company and brand. I'm still not sure what it will be, but I'm working on it.

Work on courses.so and make it a success. It's been laying semi-abandoned for far too long.

Figure out what to do with banco.surf, which is very close to losing me money.

Build a new product specifically for a local business. I'm interested in bringing my knowledge and experience to the local market.

Keep building in public for a broader audience and try to grow an audience. Somehow.

Figuring out how to do those is going to be my main focus. But, inevitably, I'll also be working on other things. I'm sure I'll be doing other things that I'll share here.

What's on my desk

A list of public products you can check out right now